Fashion Show: Steampunk Powers Hetalia

At Anime North 2010 this weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Steampunk Fashion Show.  The theme this year was “Steampunk Powers Hetalia,” a creative take on the widely popular anime and manga series Axis Powers Hetalia.  I had pretty good seats at the event, so I decided to make a video for everyone to enjoy!

A snippet from the program:

“Axis Powers Hetalia focuses on events surrounding World Wars I and II. But this is steampunk, dear reader, and there has not been one great world war that we are aware of, never mind a second. In the world of steampunk, history progressed very differently, beginning with the age of steam power. The worldwide political struggle of the Victorian Era was known as “The Scramble For Africa,” a period between 1870 and 1912 that carved the European continent up into colonies of various European countries, leaving only Liberia and Ethiopia as independent African states.

“The characters of Steampunk Powers Hetalia are taken from the ruling countries of the various empires who had financial, political, or territorial interests in Africa. Because this is steampunk, things are… a little different.”


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  1. That lady sitting in front of you had a huge flower on her bosom 😀

    But yeah, the costumes are awesome! So… where are the pics of yours?

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