Back in Business

When looking at this blog after several months of sheer inactivity, I’ve had several options come to mind.  The first was to stay inactive, wallowing in my improbable return due to a lack of content to write about.  I love talking about steampunk found in books, television, and movies, and I also love reading about historical Japan.

But combining the two together and use that marriage to provide enough content to maintain a seemingly regular post schedule has proven quite difficult.  By staying inactive and not being able to follow-up on my NaNo victory, I have squandered a very good start to what appears to be a very .  But I don’t plan on giving up.

The second option was to simply provide filler update posts, which to me seemed like a huge waste of time on my part as well as the readers.  Weekly installments of “Still not doing much.  Been playing too much warcraft. I promise to read/write more. Etc.” are no fun to write or read, so i didn’t even try to bother here.

At the root of it, I decided to take the time off to truly consider what I wanted to do with this blog.  I still want to do stuff with it, but I have found out that writing japanese steampunk just as fun as writing about it.  Hence, I would like to take on a new approach with this blog, as it reaches one of possibly many turning points in its lifespan, by building a web serial from scratch, and writing “behind the scenes” posts in between describing the steampunk and japanese elements behind them, and a little bit of literary speak to fill them out.

One of the fundamental rules in writing effective fiction is to find the balance between showing and telling.  With this blog, I intend to tell you guys my vision of what Japanese Steampunk can be through informative posts, but also show you guys what it ought to be about by incorporating my writing through a web serial.  I for one am quite excited, and I hope you can come along for the ride!